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Monticello Data Center

Situated in a bunker built by the US Army Corps of Engineers during the cold war, our Monticello data center offers highly secure data center floor space that is immune to nearly all conceivable forms of man-made and natural disasters. Designed to withstand and continue to operate during, and for two weeks after the detonation of a 20 megaton nuclear bomb at a range of 2.4 miles from the facility, and 1 megaton at one mile.

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USSHC, US-151, Monticello, IA 52033, USA

Entirely underground construction. Designed to operate during and after the over-pressure wave, and 800+ mile per hour winds created by a 20 megaton nuclear bomb.

2N on site generation, 3N fuel stores. 2N UPS true dual power paths to each rack.

3N cooling underground, inside the data center.

24×7 escorted on-site entry. Alarm system with secure CCTV throughout the facility. Multi-level access authorization with card control and biometric verification level access.

Cisco and Juniper MX edge routing.

CenturyLink | Cogent | Hurricane Electric | Level 3 (CenturyLink)

Network Port
100 Mbps – 10 Gbps

Network IPv4


Network IPv6

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All servers are stacked in TIER + ISO certified data centers!

Redundant power sources

Powerful cooling infrastructure

Redundant IP connectivity

Cisco and Juniper MX routing

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