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High Hardware Support

We provide more stable, faster and a more honest hosting services, hope to help you.


High Network Support

We provide best network load capacity, increase website access speed, hope to help you.


DDOS Protection

Receive up to the minute notifications of attacks, mitigation and resolution of DDOS attacks, hope to help you.


Our Server Uptime

Our servers reaches 99.9% uptime and allow users 24*7 hours to get online technical support, hope to help you.

Find Domains

  •  .com $12.29

  •  .net $12.29

  •  .org $12.99

  •  .pro $15.99

  •  .us $7.99

Cloud Servers

  • 1024+ MB RAM
  • 20+ GB SSD
  • 1+ TB Bandwidth


per month
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Smart Servers

  • 4+ GB DDR3 RAM
  • 250+ GB HDD
  • 5+ TB Bandwidth


per month
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Dedicated Servers

  • 16+ GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1+ TB HDD or 120+ GB SSD
  • 20+ TB Bandwidth


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Do you want to need a budget server plan? We are here to help.

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