Want to resell or buy in bulk? Don't miss out on these savings!

VPS House offers one of the most competitive partners programs available on the market. Our discounts range from 2% up to 15% off our normally priced services depending on volume levels. Not only that, but you get access to our technical team to help manage your instances. Plus, you don't have to manage the physical servers, handle the logistics of the network, or any of that other dirty work. We do it all for you, and at a discount!

As a VPS House partner, you are able to take advantage of many freebies, such as free SEO and free CDN, even when paying monthly, as well as white-labeled infrastructure.

We give you all the tools you need to be successful, with freebies and major discounts. All you have to do is apply, and we'll do the rest!

To obtain more information on our reseller program, or to sign up, please get in contact with our sales team. We typically get all accounts setup within one business day.

Partner Types

Partner Level

LevelActivation ServersDiscount
Level 13 - 103%
Level 211 - 206%
Level 321 - 3012%
Level 431 - 3524%
Level 535+30%

Reseller Details

Be responsible for your client’s Customer Service
Have a business website complete with verifiable contact information
Handle Abuse, DMCA and SPAM complaints promptly and efficiently
Have no past due balances with VPS House Networks
Minimum 3 active devices
Must follow our Terms of Service Privacy Policy SLA and AUP

Please contact us and get a link for sharing. When once the link is shared, you need to contact us again, and auditing.

Contact us

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Or Send Mail: sales@vpshouse.pro