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A database server, sometimes referred to as a cloud database, is a server designed for the operations associated with running a database such as storage of a large amount of data, consistent disk operations, and high availability.

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Over 15 years of experience building enterprise grade solutions.

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Since 2012 we have been building high-performance, infrastructure hosting platforms for businesses globally and have a 24x7x365 team of experts standing by to assist you. We make it our mission to ensure you receive enterprise-grade hardware combined with the highest quality of service possible while doing our best to meet your budget.

Hosting Solutions

Features Included

Not only do databases need to perform flawlessly, they need to be secure from data intrusion and comply with data residency requirements.

Behind every web application, e-commerce store, analytics platform, and document management system, there is a database. Essential business processes from payroll and customer relationship management to human resources and communications depend on databases. VPS House Dedicated Database Servers are engineered to be the ultimate database hosting solution for businesses from SMEs to the largest organizations. They deliver fast and secure data storage and retrieval for databases of any size.

Global Reach and Performance

We have more than 34 data centers and 34 additional network points of presence around the world connected by a high speed private network with more than 18,300+Gbps of connectivity, giving you a global footprint to call your own.

Data Center Locations

14 data centers in the United States, 1 data center in Ottawa, Canada, 13 data centers in 13 different countries in Europe, 4 data centers in Oceania, 1 data center is in Tokyo, Japan, and last 1 data center is in Singapore.

Higher Performance

Modern database software is optimized for fast and efficient data storage and retrieval. But, without the right server, database software can’t perform efficiently and you may experience hardware bottlenecks. Slow database performance manifests as sluggish applications, extended data processing, and increased latency for business-critical operations.

VPS House Dedicated Database Hosting is optimized for optimal database performance. From the latest Xeon CPUs to ECC RAM, and high-performance SSD storage and NVMe drives with RAID redundancy — we choose every component so that your database never has to wait for the hardware to catch up.

A Network You Can Rely On

Network performance and availability are crucial when databases are hosted in a remote data center. If the network can’t deliver data fast enough, applications will be slow to respond no matter how good the server hardware is. Network downtime and latency paralyzes businesses that depend on their databases.

All VPS House database hosting servers include a 100% Network Uptime SLA. Our network is built on multiple redundant connections to the world’s largest bandwidth providers. Each server is equipped with a minimum 1Gbps dedicated network connection with 10Gbps and 100Gbps connections available in some locations. This combination delivers a consistent and reliable network infrastructure that you can trust to power your database hosting needs.

Support For All Database Needs

There are dozens of databases, many of which are designed to excel in a specific domain. We believe your choice of database software shouldn’t be limited by your server, and so we support a huge variety of databases.

Our database hosting delivers incredible performance and reliability for your preferred database, including relational workhorses like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Database; NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB; and specialized document store databases such as Riak and ElasticSearch. In fact, we support any database that runs on Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Database We Supported

Microsoft SQL
MySQL Database
and much more…

Scalable and Flexible

With data needs and demands growing each year and more businesses collecting big data, you need a database hosting solution that can grow with your business with a partner that can custom tailor server and network infrastructure to your specifications.

Thousands of businesses trust VPS House hosting services because we allow businesses to access the latest enterprise grade hardware for an affordable monthly price without any up-front hardware expenses. This allows you to spin up additional dedicated or hybrid server resources quickly as data demands grow. If you have custom server requirements or a unique network configuration that you’d like to achieve between database servers, we can work with you to develop a solution that works for your business.

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Create Your Own Hosting Solution

Enhance service offerings with features such as enterprise-grade firewalls and load balancers on demand. Turnkey hosting solutions give customers complete server control and access to professional hosting and billing services.

  • Top tier network with 100% core uptime.
  • The high degree of processing power, requires the right hardware.
  • The global economy demands global access.
  • 24 x 7 free technical support.

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