VPS House Management Team and Core Team Members

VPS House Technology Group LLC

Core Management Team

Edison Carl Jackson

Edison Carl Jackson

Co-founder & CEO

Edison is a perfectionist and an innovator, who counts on the strength of his subconscious to develop VPS House Technology Group’s leading technologies.

Frank Don William

Frank Don William

Co-founder & CTO

Frank is VPS House’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the company’s technical and product strategy, engineering, and platform operations.

Bob V. Simpson

Bob V. Simpson

Co-founder & CFO

Bob is VPS House’s Chief Financial Officer. In this position, I oversee all financial, business intelligence, ERP, and tax functions within company.

George F. Brown

George F. Brown

Co-founder & COO

George is VPS House Technology Group LLC’s Chief Operating Officer. He has played an instrumental role in providing superior service to VPS House Technology Group’s clientele.

Wood Ngau

Wood Ngau

SVP, Software

Wood is VPS House Technology Group LLC’s Senior Software Engineer. A software developer at heart, Wood joined VPS House Technology Group because of his passion for startups.

Gregory P. Thompson

Gregory P. Thompson

Co-founder & Data Center SVP

Gregory is VPS House Technology Group’s Senior Data Center Supervisor. He is responsible for all hardware, network infrastructure platforms, servers, and all data centers.

About Our Team

We have 19 core founders in headquarters, and 13 top managers in offices around the world.

We have 2 project managers, 8 chief system engineers, 3 system framework designers, and 13 programmers.

We have 34 data center managers and countless cybersecurity consultants in data centers around the world.

We have countless senior engineers in our global data centers. 24x7x365 is here to serve you.

Our Staff

We believe that friendly, professional and experienced staff is one of the core elements of a successful hosting business.

Our data centers are powered by high availability infrastructure, and our multi-lingual technical support teams remain on-site and available 24x7x365. This coupled with our enterprise-grade security enables us to provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee to all clients anywhere in the world.

Server systems are monitored live 24/7, and if needed, actions by our Administrators are taken to ensure the stability for the end user.

If you have any issues which were not resolved by our regular staff members, ask them to forward the ticket to the company CEO or CTO. He will provide you with the exceptional support that you deserve.

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Our Acquisitions

Do you want to be part of us?

The VPS House Technology Group LLC has invested interest in acquiring companies, with the intent of carefully maintaining their operation in our company portfolio. We have acquired KiHaRa Studio, United Kingdom’s Digital Connection Design company and named KiHaRa Web Design LLC; and acquired Fly Data Recovery LLP, Star Work Legal Studio, Drop VM and Nobles Web Hosting. To discuss buyout opportunities, please contact George Brown at

Acquisition Q. and A.

Q: Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
A: Yes, actually we strongly insist on a mutual NDA for the sake of everyones best interests.

Q: Does VPS House have interest in keeping current staff?
A: In most cases, yes.

Q: Does VPS House have interest in buying companies that are not providing hosted services or IP transit?
A: We are not currently interested in companies that don’t provide some type of hosting or Internet bandwidth to businesses.

Team 6 Vps House Technology Group Llc

"I had one small problem but your awesome tech support guys found the issue and taught me something new about our software. 🙂 Send my thanks to the guys so far I love the server works better than I expected."

      —    Don Williams

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