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Our Advanced IP Servers are engineered to meet the challenges faced by your business. Optimized for IP, highly configurable, and totally private, each Dedicated Server is an enterprise-grade bare-metal server packed.

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Server experts standing by to help find the right server for your needs.

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Over 15 years of experience building enterprise grade solutions.

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Dedicated experts available when you need them, day or night, workdays or weekends.

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Since 2012 we have been building high-performance, infrastructure hosting platforms for businesses globally and have a 24x7x365 team of experts standing by to assist you. We make it our mission to ensure you receive enterprise-grade hardware combined with the highest quality of service possible while doing our best to meet your budget.

Hosting Solutions

Features Included

This term became popular in recent years when the digital right’s management system highlighted advanced IP address v.s. data center IP address explicitly.

VPS House Advanced IP Servers are engineered to meet the challenges faced by your business. Optimized for IP, highly configurable, and totally private, each Dedicated Server is an enterprise-grade bare-metal server packed.

**Dedicated Server and Colocation Only!**

Global Reach and Performance

We have more than 3 data centers and 3 additional network points of presence around the world connected by a high speed private network with more than 900+Gbps of connectivity, giving you a global footprint to call your own.

Data Center Locations

1 data centers in the West Coast of United States, 1 data center in South Central America, and 1 data center in East coast of the United States.

Higher Performance

Whether you’re developing a brand new IP network service or just adding more powerful servers to improve performance for end users, we have servers that can meet your most rigorous development, testing, and production demands. VPS House delivers a higher level of performance with on-demand deployment of fully customizable bare metal servers and virtual servers.

Cyber Security

Protect web applications from DDoS attackers with cost effective but comprehensive security solutions. Our Web Application Firewall and DDoS IP protection services are easy to set up and use.

Exceptional Network Performance

To keep audiences happy and on a level playing field, make sure lag isn’t an issue in your IP network service. With our global network of data centers and network points of presence, get your content closer to end users as fast as possible. VPS House’s unique triple network architecture integrates our public, private, and out-of-band management networks. Our public network features more than 5,200Gbps of bandwidth, and offers unmetered inbound traffic, ensuring fast streaming play for all users. Our proprietary private network connects your geographically dispersed servers to each other securely with low latency. And when you need to access your server directly, connect to it securely across its free out-of-band IPMI connections.

Customizable and Scalable

Do you want to archive terabytes of rarely accessed data? Are you looking for a safe IP service to start your business? Each scenario requires a tailored solution.

A Dedicated Storage Server is a uniquely flexible IP network platform. You choose the what is the network provider(s) best for you, how many IP(s) you need and if you like you can optimize your own route. We’ll also work with you to develop a custom solution if you need something beyond our standard configurations or have particular networking requirements.

Data Security and Privacy

Every business has unique data compliance and privacy requirements. That’s why we offer servers in a large assortment of geographic locations to fulfil the data residency requirements for a variety of applications.

The VPS House’s data center is the perfect location for PIPEDA compliance and offers some of the strongest data privacy regulations in the world.

Unparalleled Security

Without offsite storage in a secure facility, data is under threat from human error, hardware failure, natural disasters, and other environmental issues. You need a partner you can rely upon so that you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Your VPS House Dedicated Server is hosted in our secure data centers, all of which comply with security the best practices and industry standards such as SSAE16 Type II & SAS70 Type II. Your data is protected through sophisticated fire-protection and guarded 24×7 by on-site security. We also include 50GB of cloud backup for free with every server for additional data redundancy.

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Create Your Own Hosting Solution

Enhance service offerings with features such as enterprise-grade firewalls and load balancers on demand. Turnkey hosting solutions give customers complete server control and access to professional hosting and billing services.

  • Top tier network with 100% core uptime.
  • The high degree of processing power, requires the right hardware.
  • The global economy demands global access.
  • 24 x 7 free technical support.

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"I rented a whole server rack in VPS House and install 50Gbps network last month. This is awesome! I will recommend VPS House!"

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