Charlotte, North Carolina

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Charlotte Data Center

Our Charlotte data center is our new East Coast location. The ultimate in redundancy, our Charlotte data center just does not go “down” and history proves it. 100% uptime, zero packet loss, no headaches. Set-it and forget-it. Period!

Available Services: Bare Metal | Colocation

1612 Cross Beam Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217, USA

18068 sq feet of facility, smoke and heat detection at and above ceiling and other critical areas.

24kv feed from Duke Energy, 2N UPS backup power.

300 ton upgradeable to 500 ton cooling capacity.

24×7 manned security center, CCTV, secured building perimeters with no windows; Multi-level access authorization.

Cisco and Juniper MX edge routing.

AT&T | Level 3 (CenturyLink) | TW Telecom | XO Communications (Verizon) | CenturyLink | RST | Zayo | Time Warner Cable (Spectrum) | DukeNet | Cogent

Network Port
100 Mbps – 100 Gbps

Network IPv4


Network IPv6

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All servers are stacked in TIER + ISO certified data centers!

Redundant power sources

Powerful cooling infrastructure

Redundant IP connectivity

Cisco and Juniper MX routing

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