Buffalo, New York

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Buffalo Data Center

Our Buffalo data center leverages multimillion-dollar system architecture to provide you with exactly the sort of service you’ve come to expect of us – incredible availability, high speeds and unbeatable prices.

Available Services: Bare Metal | Colocation

350 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202, USA

11355 sq feet of datacenter space. SAS70 Type II certificate.

Onsite 1500 kW diesel generator. N+1, 4 x 203 kW UPS back-up power.

N + 2 chillers, cooling towers, CRAHs and chilled water pumps.

Electronic monitoring of security and environmentals. Biometrics and key card controls.

Cisco and Juniper MX edge routing.

Zayo | Hibernia | Telia | XO Communications (Verizon) | TW Telecom | Teleport | Cogent | Cogeco Cable | Rogers | Telus

Network Port
100 Mbps – 100 Gbps

Network IPv4


Network IPv6

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All servers are stacked in TIER + ISO certified data centers!

Redundant power sources

Powerful cooling infrastructure

Redundant IP connectivity

Cisco and Juniper MX routing

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