Full Cage Space

What if the maximum security of full cabinet services is not enough to meet your security needs? Your company might have to adhere to certain requirements that go beyond complete privacy. VPS House Colocation Service features a caged space solution, offering extra, on-demand security layers that you can customize.

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Ready Your Infrastructure Needs for Today and Tomorrow

Data Center Specifications

Full Cage Space Vps House Technology Group Llc

Next-Gen Facilities

Enterprise-Grade hardware; The highest level of security; Green Powered Facilities.

Full Cage Space 2 Vps House Technology Group Llc


High Density Power & Cooling Ability; SSAE16 Type II & SAS70 Type II; 100% Uptime SLA.

Full Cage Space 4 Vps House Technology Group Llc


Safe Harbor Certified; Level 1 PCI Service Provider; Multi-homed, redunant network.

Colocation Pricing

Full Cage Space 2 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Private Cage

2*42U Server Slot

80A / 120V Power Port

100Mbps via 1Gbps Speed

Free Access Available

Started at


per month

Fully Customize Your Colocation!

You can contact us to customize your colocation plan package easily.

Full Cage Space 8 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Redundancy Built In

We know that when you setup a server with us, you need it to be online 24x7, no matter what. That’s why every one of our data centers features redundancy across all power, networking, security, and cooling systems.

  • Level 1 PCI Service Provider
  • SSAE16 Type II & SAS70 Type II
  • Cisco & Juniper Core Routers
  • Fully redundant network

VPS House's Colocation

Server Rack Locations

Ashburn, VA

Atlanta, GA

Bend, OR

Buffalo, NY

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA

Miami, FL

Monticello, IA

Phoenix, AZ

Piscataway, NJ

Seattle, WA

Ottawa, ON

Data Center Colocation

Global and enterprise class colocation solutions powered by VPS House

Full Cage Space 10 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Industry Leading Hardware

Latest Intel CPUs and SSD storage for maximum performance. Custom hardware configurations available upon request.

Full Cage Space 12 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Fast Deployment, Free Setup

In-stock servers are typically deployed within 24 hours or less, some servers can be deployed within 2 hours.

Full Cage Space 14 Vps House Technology Group Llc

High Functioning Connectivity

Up to 4x10GE ports per server. 100% dedicated bandwidth. Efficient data delivery through global, multihomed network.

Full Cage Space 16 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Free IPMI/KVM-IP Console

Manage all of your servers via IPMI/iKVM reachable through our internal VPN for secure backend access.

Full Cage Space 18 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Root/SSH Access

You have full root access to each server. You can access your servers from any part of the world using SSH protocol.

Full Cage Space 20 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Easy Billing

All orders are 1 month prepaid. No additional payments. We accept all major credit cards, Bitcoin and bank transfer.

Full Cage Space 22 Vps House Technology Group Llc

What is Colocation?

Colocation is the practice of renting out space to store servers and hardware in a third party data center, off premise of your company. Most companies don’t have the capacity or capital to store servers in an environment that provides the network, heating, cooling, or power redundancy required. While businesses still maintain the upkeep of their servers, moving some or all servers offsite to a secure colocation facility significantly reduces operating costs and ensures data is in a secure and compliant environment.

Full Cage Space 24 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Hybrid Capabilities

One size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to colocation options. That’s why, unlike many other colocation providers, we give you the opportunity to combine traditional colocation with dedicated servers and cloud computing environments to create a tailored solution.

Full Cage Space 26 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Remote Hand

Through our Remote Hand service, our experienced technicians assist you with diagnosing issues, custom installations, equipment setup, cross connect installations, equipment replacement and shipment handlings. Remote Hand service is available 24/7 at all locations. It’s really a simple and convenient way to access your equipment without having to physically be there. Give us a call or submit a ticket and we will perform the tasks for you!

Full Cage Space 28 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Unparalleled Security

Our multi-layered security policies include 24/7 video surveillance and alarm monitoring, ingress/egress keycard access, cabinets equipped with tumbler locks, perimeter electric fencing, and more. For security, we’re the colocation provider of choice.

Full Cage Space 30 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Multiple Locations

The Colocation service is provided in North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. The US West facility is a major hub to Asia Pacific, the Miami facility is the leading hub to most Latin American & Caribbean markets, and in Europe, we have 34 data centers to choose from. All facilities are TIER III and beyond, Carrier neutral and enterprise ready.

Full Cage Space 32 Vps House Technology Group Llc

24/7 On-site Qualified Engineers

As part of our colocation service, certified and highly qualified engineers are available 24/7 to perform diverse tasks at your request, including equipment server reboots, circuit testing, cable and card replacements, and regular exchange of backup tapes or other removable media.

VPS House's Infrastructure

State of the Art Infrastructure

World-Class Facilities Empowering Your Infrastructure, Secured Dedication Across The Globe.

Full Cage Space Vps House Technology Group Llc

Data Center Facilities

When performance, reliability, protection and accessibility are the most important factors, you need a VPS House data center. We have 17 data center supported colocation.

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Full Cage Space 36 Vps House Technology Group Llc

Premium Networks

With our customers operating businesses in over 130 countries, our intelligent network is built to perform exceptionally, every moment, everywhere. Or you can contact your ISP.

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Full Cage Space 22 Vps House Technology Group Llc


We offer a comprehensive range of colocation services across the USA, from rack units to half or full racks to your private cage, all with flexible power and bandwidth options.

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Full Cage Space 40 Vps House Technology Group Llc

"Great colocation service! VPS House provides a very friendly technical support service, as long as the technical assistance is within 15 minutes, I have never been charged for the remote hands fee."

      —    Lincoln Forsyth

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