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Upgrade your dedicated server and just send us an order; you can tell us everything you need except the processor can’t be upgraded. We can install any operating system for you for free.

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Why Choose Us

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100% Bare Metal Servers

With a dedicated server, you are the sole user of it and can therefore utilize all of its resources

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DDoS Protection

All of our networks benefit from DDoS Threat Detection systems and each server up to 100 Gbps DDoS protection

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All–Day, All-Year Support

Customer-friendly and sophisticated support by 24/7 customer service, security and technical teams

Memory Upgrades

Every Dedicated Server is deployed with the highest grade Kingston and Samsung brand of memory, with the ability to upgrade up to 1024+GB of additional memory, depending on your configuration. VPS House servers are capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding applications today.

Hard Disk Upgrades

We only use the highest quality Seagate, Western Digital and Hitachi Traditional Enterprise Hard Drives and Intel, Samsung and Sandisk Professional SSDs. Offering single hard drives as high as 32+TB and SSDs as high as 4+TB, you can rest assured your growing needs are met for even the most demanding applications.

Your Choice of OS

Select the Operating System for your dedicated server based on your needs. Although Linux and FreeBSD server platforms are the most popular choices, there are a number of options available such as Windows Server. You can also install your own Operating System at your convenience.

Whatever your needs are, VPS House provides the flexibility for you to determine the best platform for your dedicated hosting Including open-source and custom operating systems.









Custom ISO

Windows Operating Systems

Every Dedicated Server is deployed with the highest grade Kingston and Samsung brand of memory, with the ability to upgrade up to 1024+GB of additional memory, depending on your configuration. VPS House servers are capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding applications today.

Control Panel Licensing

Installing a control panel is simple and streamlined, we offer direct licensing for the two leading server management panels, cPanel/WHM and Parallels Plesk Panel. Control panel software can be preloaded on dedicated servers at the time of install by VPS House. These control panel software packages provide a GUI interface useful to those with little server administration.


Multiple Public Network bandwidth options and dedicated bandwidth options, including both unmetered, are available for each server. These flexible options allow configurations that suits your individual server requirements.

Network Hardware Addons

Each server comes standard with 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 100Gbps Public and Private network ports unless otherwise noted. For servers with high bandwidth or Private network utilization we offer speeds up to 100+Gbps. All are networks of multi-network providers.

IPv4 / IPv6 Addresses

Each VPS House server comes with 5 Usable IPv4 / IPv6 address standard. Additional IPv4 / IPv6 addresses are available with justification that meets ARIN policies and guidelines.

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Grow your business with a dedicated server from VPS House

Virtualization isn’t always the best choice. If you’ve got I/O-intensive functions such as big data applications, gaming, media streaming, or a large e-commerce website, the sheer power of dedicated servers is going to serve you better. With no hypervisor overseeing everything, latency is kept to a minimum. And, because the server is all yours you won’t have to worry about ‘noisy neighbors’ sharing your processing power.

Customized to Meet Your Specifications

Extra Features Of Bare Metal

  • Industry Leading Hardware
    Latest Intel CPUs and SSD storage for maximum performance. Custom hardware configurations available upon request.
  • High Functioning Connectivity
    Up to 4x10GE ports per server. 100% dedicated bandwidth. Efficient data delivery through global, multihomed network.
  • Free Uptime Monitor Tool
    Uptime Tool is completely free for each of our active customers, we also provide free technical support for this Tool.
  • Free IPMI/KVM-IP Console
    Manage all of your servers via IPMI/iKVM reachable through our internal VPN for secure backend access.
  • Root/SSH Access
    You have full root access to each server. You can access your servers from any part of the world using SSH protocol.
  • Easy Billing
    All orders are 1 month prepaid. No additional payments. We accept all major credit cards, Bitcoin and bank transfer.

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Common Problems

Why might I select a dedicated server over a hybrid or virtual server?

Dedicated servers are the ideal choice for resource intensive applications that require the resources of an entire server. You will not need to worry about other users impacting the performance of your application as the entire server will be dedicated to you.

How quickly are dedicated servers provisioned?

Although we state our fully customized servers go online within 6 hours to 168 hours the reality is most of them are deployed within just 4 hours from the time we receive payment. We offer a handful of pre-built, pre-configured servers that deploy in about 30 minutes. To learn more please read our Service Level Agreement.

Can I customize your dedicated servers however I want?

Any of our “non-instant” dedicated servers can be customized however you want with thousands of possible options. Most fully customized servers deploy in less than 4 hours from the time we receive your payment. To learn more please read our Service Level Agreement.

What is the speed of the server’s network port?

We provide a full 1Gbps and 10Gbps dedicated port that you can max out whenever you need, for as long as you need. You are connected to the same Intelligently Routed blend of 8 transit providers included with our standard metered bandwidth options. You will never be billed for overage with this plan unless you have specially requested a 10Gbps port, otherwise, you are capped at 1Gbps. If you were to max out this port for the duration of an entire month you would experience roughly 400TB of throughput.

How much is the bandwidth overage charge?

When your bandwidth usage exceeds the bandwidth you purchased, you will be charged an additional $0.05/GB. To avoid overage charges, you can upgrade your bandwidth plan before the next billing date, and read more here.

What kind of RAID options do you offer?

We provide hardware based RAID with far superior reliability and performance than software based RAID solutions. After you have selected a second hard drive in your cart, RAID 1, 5 and 10 options will be presented. You can ask us for your request.

Is a IPMI or KVM and remote reboot available on my dedicated server?

Every server includes a dedicated KVM as well as a remote reboot console for free.

Can I upgrade my dedicated server later?

Upgrade to a better CPU, more RAM, more hard drives quickly and easily at the time of your convenience. Open a trouble ticket with our Sales Team for pricing of the upgraded hardware and on acceptance we will coordinate with you to determine the best time to perform the upgrade.

Learn More: Hardware Addons, Network Addons, Software Addons

Do you offer server management?

Each server can have our proactive Managed Services by on-site technicians added to it. Information about this service can be found on our Managed Services page.

Do you outsource your technical support?

We do not outsource our technical support. When you call, live chat or correspond with us via a support ticket you can be assured that you are working with a VPS House employee on-site in our data centers.

How quickly can I expect a response to any support questions?

We are proud to offer 15 minute response times for all technical support requests. Usually this is during working hours.

What happens if a component of the dedicated server fails?

VPS House will quickly replace any failed server component as quickly as we can.

Does IP have the guarantee of geographic location?

No, VPS House do not provide a guarantee of the geographic location of the IP. But usually we will change the geographic location information of the IP to the current data center. For example, if the data center is in Seattle, Washington, then third-party WHOIS tools may think that the IP is in Dallas, Texas.

What are our prices and discounts?

The prices we display on our website are discounted for the annual billing method. Our pre-discounted prices are available with additional discount codes and discounts for term contracts.

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"The ultra-low-cost dedicated server is very good! Before ordering, I think the network should be bad, but I was wrong, VPS House still provides a good 1Gbps network!"

      —    Yosri van Bemmel

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