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Grow your business with a dedicated server from VPS House

Virtualization isn’t always the best choice. If you’ve got I/O-intensive functions such as big data applications, gaming, media streaming, or a large e-commerce website, the sheer power of dedicated servers is going to serve you better. With no hypervisor overseeing everything, latency is kept to a minimum. And, because the server is all yours you won’t have to worry about ‘noisy neighbors’ sharing your processing power.

All of our dedicated servers are backed by 100% network and power uptime SLA. We have trained technicians both on-site and in NOC department to make sure everything is going fine. You may contact them by sending e-mail or support tickets from your client control panel - they are here 24x7 to answer you.


The industry leading control panel developed by VPS House with comprehensive features which allow you to take control of your servers from any device anywhere. No need to submit a ticket and wait hours to get IPMI access or get your server rebooted anymore.

Multiple Locations

We take global presence very seriously and always consider expanding in new areas. At the moment we have datacenters in North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. Every location has its own individual feature in terms of geo-target and network latency.


We are proud that we are flexible enough to accommodate all customers requirements and create an infrastructure which leaves everyone involved satisfied. It doesn't matter if you are looking for special hardware, weird networking or something that we have never heard of, we will take care it!

Optimized Network

We believe a low-latency and a stable network is the key advantage separating us from our competitors. Utilizing the most current available technologies, most reliable network hardwares, certificated network engineers.

Network Route

We can setup private networks for individual customers and our engineers are available to set the best network route for customers requiring a better route to their destination. We operating a 24x7 NOC and route optimization are what makes us different.


No matter which server administrator you ask, They will inform you about how necessary it is to have external server monitoring for a more secure and successful IT.. There are a lot of moving parts and variables to monitor. VPS House offers basic 24/7 monitoring for all dedicated servers at no cost.

Uncompromising performance

No noisy neighbors. No hypervisor tax. VPS House dedicated server hosting gives you physical, single-tenant servers which are super powerful, and ready to crunch your numbers. We use top tier datacenter hardware and our servers are powered by high performance Intel Xeon processors.

Custom Server

With VPS House dedicated server hosting you can customize the configuration of your server to meet your specific needs, including Processor, RAM, HDD/SSD hard drives, bandwidth, IP, Firewall options and more. We think you'll find our pricing to be highly competitive too.

Reliable Data Centers

Housed in one of twenty-six top-tier ISO certified, hyper-connected data centers, our dedicated servers have it all. Every detail of their environment, has been carefully configured to guarantee the very best in security, resiliency, and efficiency.

Global Network

Get connected with greater bandwidth and speed, whenever and wherever you're working. One of the largest in the world, our network comprises 147+ Internet Exchange peering points of presence across the global, we maintain an impressive core uptime of 99.9% and 14.1 Tbps available capacity.

Do It All, On-demand

Whether you’re launching a new online business or beefing up for the holiday rush, we'll make sure you get the job done. We've got a huge inventory of servers and spare parts, ready and waiting for you. So, when you need them, we'll provision them then and there to get you up and running. Plus, everything is fully customizable.

Flexible Monthly Contracts

In the online world, scalability is key. You need to act fast to meet changing conditions and rise to new opportunities. That’s why we offer month-to-month contracts for all our servers, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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Your Business Empowered

Choose a VPS House Dedicated Server if you need outstanding stability, premium performance, unimpeachable security, and management services from the most experienced support experts and system administrators in the business.

USA Bare-Metal

  • Up to 8x SSD or HDD
  • Up to 1 TB RAM
  • Up to 10 Gbps Port Speeds
  • Up to Unlimited Traffic


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Europe Bare-Metal

  • Up to 8x SSD or HDD
  • Up to 512 GB RAM
  • Up to 10 Gbps Port Speeds
  • Up to Unlimited Traffic


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Oceania Bare-Metal

  • Up to 16x SSD or HDD
  • Up to 128 GB RAM
  • Up to 1 Gbps Port Speeds
  • Up to 20 GB Traffic


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Asia Bare-Metal

  • Up to 8x SSD or HDD
  • Up to 256 GB RAM
  • Up to 1 Gbps Port Speeds
  • Up to Unlimited Traffic


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  • CPU
  • RAM
  • CPU Custom
  • RAM Custom
  • HARD DRIVE Custom
  • BANDWIDTH Custom
  • $Custom
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