Network Addons


Every Dedicated Server is deployed with the highest grade Kingston and Samsung brand of memory, with the ability to upgrade up to 512GB of additional memory, depending on your configuration. VPS House servers are capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding applications today.

Network Hardware Addons

Port Upgrades

Each server comes standard with 100Mbps and 1Gbps Public and Private network ports unless otherwise noted. For servers with high bandwidth or Private network utilization we offer speeds up to 10Gbps.

IPv4 / IPv6 Addresses

Each VPS House server comes with 5 Usable IPv4 / IPv6 address standard. Additional IPv4 / IPv6 addresses are available with justification that meets ARIN policies and guidelines.

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Included Features & Services with ALL Dedicated Server Services


All Intel CPU Support

This service can provide more stable, faster and a more honest experience, hope to help you.


High Hardware Support

This service can improve server performance, hope to help you.


High Network Support

This service can improve network load capacity, hope to help you.


All Operating System Support

This service support install all common OS and install your own OS, hope to help you.


DDOS Protection

This service protected against DDOS attacks, hope to help you.

Piggy Bank

3 Days Refund

This service support each user gets 3 days money back guarantee, hope to help you.