E-Commerce Server Solutions

E-Commerce Server Solutions Special Features

For online stores, there’s no “after hours” for maintenance tasks, and shopping traffic can spike at any moment. When you build on VPS House, you’re always open for business. Secure, scalable, global, and with customer support available by phone and chat 24x7, VPS House infrastructure lets you increase uptime, keep customer information secure, and scale when you need to.

Higher Performance

Whether you’re launching a new online store or just adding more servers to increase performance for the holiday rush, we have servers that can meet the most rigorous demands of for any online business.

Accelerated Time to Market

Spend more time building your business and less time building your infrastructure by deploying VPS House infrastructure in real-time via our portal. That means you can get automated deployment of virtual servers, bare metal servers, firewalls, load balancers, and more, whenever you need them.

Improved Shopper Experience

End users want to shop without having to wait for products pages to load or for the checkout process to finish. The high-speed, globally unified VPS House network architecture and CDN provide fast and efficient page loads, meeting customer demands with ease.

Pay As You Go

Customers win when you can save. VPS House’s automated platform provides complete control of your infrastructure allowing you scale up and down on demand with no upfront costs or long-term contracts.

Create Your Own E-Commerce Solution

Load Balancing

Increase application or site availability and performance by distributing traffic across local resources.

Database Servers

Customizing RAM and CPU configurations on dedicated servers delivers optimal I/O speeds for specific database applications.

Application Servers

Power applications with robust physical dedicated servers for fast response times.

Content Delivery Network

Put content on Cloudflare nodes throughout the server, keeping it closer to end users to minimize the distance the data has to travel.

Hardware Firewall

Protect servers from malicious activity with enterprise-grade firewalls provisioned on demand.

Object Storage

Tag, store, and find data in a robust, infinitely scalable object storage solution with built-in search and CDN integration. Learn more about Object Storage.

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