Dual Processor Servers

West Coast

East Coast



  •  Free Inbound Bandwidth
  •  Advanced DDOS Protection
  •  5 IPv4 /64 IPv6* Included
  •  100+ Private Peers
  •  Geographically Redundant DNS
  •  99.99% Availability


  •  Supermicro Server Hardware
  •  Intel Processors
  •  Intel/SanDisk SSD Hard Drives
  •  Western Digital HDD Drives
  •  Enterprise-class Hardware
  •  Hardware Raid Cards

Data Centers

  •  100% Uptime Facilities
  •  Redundant UPS Battery Backup
  •  Redundant Generator Power
  •  24x7 Onsite Security
  •  Biometric Access Control
  •  Digital Video Surveillance

US Dual Processor Servers Special Features


All Intel CPU Support

Intel CPU provides more stable, faster and better experience, hope to help you.


High Hardware Support

High Hardware can improve server performance and improve reliability for our servers, hope to help you.


High Network Support

High Network can improve network transmission speed and enhance network load capacity, hope to help you.

CD Disc

All Operating System Support

Our servers supported install all common OS and your own OS, all servers supported reinstall the OS, hope to help you.


DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection can protect against DDOS attacks; everyone can get a free one, hope to help you.


Data Center Location

Our budget dedicated servers only available in the USA west coast, east coast and central, hope to help you.