DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection and Mitigation

At VPS House we understand how important uptime is for your sites. That is why we include Free DDOS Mitigation with all of our hosting services. The DDOS Mitigation system constantly monitors network traffic and diverts malicious traffic to a filtering appliance while allowing good traffic to continue through.

Included Features & Services with ALL Hosting Services


DDOS Protection

Defends against known, unknown and evolving DoS, DDoS and other volumetric attacks.


DOS Protection

Defends against attacks via TCP, UDP, IP protocols, Invalid IP packets, ICMP types, Time To Live field, packets lengths, and more.



Receive up to the minute notifications of attacks, mitigation and resolution of DOS and DDOS attacks.

Dedicated Server DDOS Pricing

PlanGigabits Per SecondPackets Per SecondPrice /mo.
10 Gbps / 10M PPS10 Gbps10MFree
20 Gbps / 20M PPS20 Gbps20M$30
30 Gbps / 30M PPS30 Gbps30M$40
40 Gbps / 40M PPS40 Gbps40M$50
50 Gbps / 50M PPS50 Gbps50M$60
100 Gbps / 100M PPS100 Gbps100M$120
110Gbps+? Contact US

VPS Hosting DDOS Pricing

PlanGigabits Per SecondPackets Per SecondPrice /mo.
250 Mbps / 250K PPS250Mbps250KFree
500 Mbps / 500K PPS500Mbps500K$5
1 Gbps / 500K PPS1000Mbps500K$8
1 Gbps / 1M PPS1000Mbps1M$15

Private Cloud DDOS Pricing

PlanGigabits Per SecondPackets Per SecondPrice /mo.
Custom100 Gbps+20,000,000+Contact US

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