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Singapore Data Center

Singapore Data Center

Our data centers provide the network infrastructure availability, 24x7x365 support and Enterprise-grade security which enables us to provide a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance.

Basic Information

Location Singapore
Infrastructure 45000 sq facility and office space.
Tier III Data center Certified by Uptime Institute.
Double interlock pre-action sprinkler system.
Overhead and under floor smoke detection.
Seismically braced cabinets.
Power Uninterruptable Power Supply feature in addition to 10kVA max rack power density.
Backup Diesel Generators.
Main electrical supply is delivered by the local national grid and insured by Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).
Cooling CRAC units N+20% Redundancy.
Operating environment of 20-25oc and 50% ± 20% relative humidity.
Water Cooled Chillers stored in Thermal Tanks.
Security Onsite security personnel 24 x 7 x 365. Biometrics and key card controls.
Security cameras with digital video recording and archiving.
Physical access control lists manage ingress and egress.
Network Cisco and Juniper MX edge routing.
Full router redundancy – 3 switch fabrics, multiple line-cards, and redundant management modules.
2N network redundancy.
Brocade MLX distribution layer switching.
Brocade VDX and Supermicro SSE access layer switching.
Fully meshed and redundant network connectivity.
100% Network Uptime SLA, DDoS-Protected Network.

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