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Hong Kong Data Center

Hong Kong Data Center

Our data centers provide the network infrastructure availability, 24x7x365 support and Enterprise-grade security which enables us to provide a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance.

Basic Information

LocationHong Kong
Infrastructure98000 sq feet raised floor.
Slab-to-slab >5m, floor loading of 12-20kPa.
Double interlock pre-action sprinkler system.
Overhead and under floor smoke detection.
Seismically braced cabinets.
Fire Suppression: FM200/Novec gas and / or pre-action sprinkler system.
PowerUtility Power: Dual 11kV feeder from CLP’s transmission ring.
Essential Power: 2N setup of Transformer and Gensets.
Critical Power: 2N UPS with 15 minutes battery backup.
Dual risers for each of power, chilled water and telecom cables.
Cooling3.5 kVA per cabinet cooling capacity.
2N or N+1 chillers & environmental control by CRACs.
Computer room air conditioners (N+20%).
SecurityOnsite least 3 officers 24 x 7 x 365.
Biometrics and key card controls.
Security cameras with digital video recording and archiving.
Physical access control lists manage ingress and egress.
NetworkCisco and Juniper MX edge routing.
Full router redundancy – 3 switch fabrics, multiple line-cards, and redundant management modules.
Connectivity options for redundant network connections include: BGP Multi-homed, MCT Multi-homed, Separate routed links.
Options for non-redundant network connections include: BGP Single-homed, Single routed links.
Brocade MLX distribution layer switching.
Brocade VDX and Supermicro SSE access layer switching.
Fully meshed and redundant network connectivity.
100% Network Uptime SLA, DDoS-Protected Network.

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