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100% Bare Metal Servers

With a dedicated server, you are the sole user of it and can therefore utilize all of its resources

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DDoS Protection

All of our networks benefit from DDoS Threat Detection systems and each server up to 100 Gbps DDoS protection

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All–Day, All-Year Support

Customer-friendly and sophisticated support by 24/7 customer service, security and technical teams

E3-1230 2 x 3.30GHz4+ GB DDR3250 GB5TB/100Mbps$59.00 $42.003 HoursDEPLOY NOW
E3-1245 2 x 3.50GHz4+ GB DDR3250 GB5TB/100Mbps$69.00 $52.003 HoursDEPLOY NOW
E3-1270 2 x 3.50GHz8+ GB DDR3500 GB10TB/100Mbps$79.00 $63.003 HoursDEPLOY NOW
E3-1275 2 x 3.60GHz8+ GB DDR3500 GB10TB/100Mbps$89.00 $73.003 HoursDEPLOY NOW
E5-2620 4 x 2.10GHz16+ GB DDR31000 GB10TB/100Mbps$129.00 $99.003 HoursDEPLOY NOW

Your Choice of OS

Select the Operating System for your dedicated server based on your needs. Although Linux and FreeBSD server platforms are the most popular choices, there are a number of options available such as Windows Server. You can also install your own Operating System at your convenience.

Whatever your needs are, VPS House provides the flexibility for you to determine the best platform for your dedicated hosting Including open-source and custom operating systems.

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Custom ISO

We Offer


Hybrid Smart Servers 10 VPS House

Industry Leading Hardware

Latest Intel CPUs and SSD storage for maximum performance. Custom hardware configurations available upon request.

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High Functioning Connectivity

Up to 4x10GE ports per server. 100% dedicated bandwidth. Efficient data delivery through global, multihomed network.

Hybrid Smart Servers 12 VPS House

Root/SSH Access

You have full root access to each server. You can access your servers from any part of the world using SSH protocol.

Hybrid Smart Servers 13 VPS House

Fast Deployment, Free Setup

In-stock servers are typically deployed within 24 hours or less, some servers can be deployed within 2 hours.

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Free IPMI/KVM-IP Console

Manage all of your servers via IPMI/iKVM reachable through our internal VPN for secure backend access.

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Easy Billing

All orders are 1 month prepaid. No additional payments. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions


No. A variety of Linux and Windows Operating Systems can be installed or re-installed with one-click from pre-configured templates. Customers who require full control of their OS should purchase a BARE METAL.

Generally in an hour, sometimes including the time it takes to approve your payment method.

No. Hybrid Smart Servers are virtualized machines, sold with pre-configured resources. They do guarantee the CPU, RAM and storage allocations but you would need to purchase a new Hybrid Server if you desire a change in these resource configurations.

Depends on the plan you choose. We offer Hybrid Smart Servers with core configurations ranging from 2-8 cores.

Hybrids cannot support full virtualization technologies like KVM or VMware, however running OpenVZ and XEN is supported with little performance overhead.

Hybrid Smart Servers are a good choice for hosting high-traffic websites, content management systems, eCommerce applications, databases, and file storage.

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Personal & Professional

Our multi-lingual team of service experts are always standing by. We’ve got some of the quickest response times in the industry.

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Knowledge Center

Our self-service resource center features a growing volume of video & written tutorials, chosen and produced by our support team.