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Taskwarrior is Free and Open Source Software that manages your TODO list from your command line. It is flexible, fast, efficient, and unobtrusive. It does its job then gets out of your way.
If you spend a lot of time on terminal (as a developer or system administrator) then constantly switching to a web app or another GUI based todo applicaations may not be a very productive thing to do. In that case, you may want to try a simple command line application instead.

Install Taskwarrior (terminal based todo application) on Ubuntu based distribution

If you want to install Taskwarrior (terminal based todo application) on Ubuntu And Mint Linux enter following command:

[php]$ sudo apt-get install todo -y[/php]

How to use taskwarior

Taskwarrior has human-friendly natural command line syntax. You will also like its simplicity. I like how it doesn’t reinforce any particular methodology. Here is a simple command for adding a task:

[php]$ task add Example task due:Tomorrow[/php]

Example screen:

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Few important commands you should know

  • task add sample task (adding a task, you could specify other things like priority or due date etc)
  • task list (it lists all the pending task with their ids and other details)
  • task 5 done (marks the task with the id 5 completed)
  • task 4 delete (deletes the task with id 4)
  • task all (displays all the pending and completed tasks)
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