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The prefered version for ZPanel is currently CentOs 6.3 64bit.

The procedure is the same for 32bit or 64bit version, only the files name change.

After clean install of CentOs, first apply all updates with:

[php]# yum -y update[/php]

Note : during update, if you encounter a message telling that a package have been removed from repositories (qpid-cpp-client), remove it with:

[php]# yum -y remove qpid-cpp-client[/php] then run again the update.

then reboot your server and continue with ZPanel install.

[php]# reboot[/php]

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1) Log to your server as root user

2) download the installer

[php]# wget https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/CentOS-6_4/10_1_1.sh[/php]

3) Make the installer executable

[php]# chmod +x 10_1_1.sh[/php]

4) Run the installer

[php]# ./10_1_1.sh[/php]

5) Follow the on screen instructions during the installation.
(See also About Installer questions)

6) Return to user lever ( or reboot server )

[php]# exit[/php]

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