Ad Server Solutions

Ad Server Solutions Special Features

An ad server, or adserver, is a software solution that helps publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, and ad networks, manage their advertising campaigns. The ad serving software will use its ad tag to display the programmed online advertisements on the selected websites and will track their performance. Such tracking data includes: impressions, clicks, conversions, and their derivatives. Its embedded tools are used to monitor campaigns in an effort to maximize advertising revenue.

High Impact Ads with No Slowdown

Our next-generation Content Delivery Network (CDN) includes adaptive video streaming, advanced origin protection and instantaneous content purging. So, you can deliver high-impact, high-definition ads without disruption.

Optimum Performance for Every Ad

Our hybrid infrastructure solutions blend the best of the hybrid smart server with dedicated servers to create one common architecture. You’ll benefit from optimal cost-efficiency, security, reliability, performance, and control without compromise.

Fast and Reliable Delivery All Around the World

When your global campaign has to work from Los Angeles to China, you need a network you can trust. The VPS House network delivers uncompromising resiliency and high availability, with massive bandwidth capacity, a fully redundant architecture and 99.99% core uptime.

Pay As You Go

Customers win when you can save. VPS House’s automated platform provides complete control of your infrastructure allowing you scale up and down on demand with no upfront costs or long-term contracts.

Create Your Own Ad Server Solution

Load Balancing

Increase application or site availability and performance by distributing traffic across local resources.

Database Servers

Customizing RAM and CPU configurations on dedicated servers delivers optimal I/O speeds for specific database applications.

Application Servers

Power applications with robust physical dedicated servers for fast response times.

Content Delivery Network

Put content on Cloudflare nodes throughout the server, keeping it closer to end users to minimize the distance the data has to travel.

Hardware Firewall

Protect servers from malicious activity with enterprise-grade firewalls provisioned on demand.

Object Storage

Tag, store, and find data in a robust, infinitely scalable object storage solution with built-in search and CDN integration.

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